seriously though! we need proper nutrients from food to fuel us through our everyday lives... let's think of food as the energy we need to set ourselves up for success! here are your Namaste Living approved healthy meal ideas!

Breakfast ☀️🍳🥑🍓💦

everyone feels differently about breakfast... my general rule is to only eat when you're hungry or if you just worked out!

personally, I like to keep breakfast a routine so I choose a smoothie and some toast to eat multiple times a week... but some prefer a variety, so I have listed a ton of options below in different categories.

🍓 Smoothies

> guidlines for smoothies

plant based protein powder

- pea, hemp, legumes, collagen, 


- spinach, kale, romaine, arugula, spirulina 


- nut butter, avocado, coconut oil


- berries, oats, seeds (chia, flax, hemp)

extra add ons I love:

coconut water, almond milk, aloe vera juice, maca, aswaganda, cacao nibs, bee pollen

🍞 Toasts

whole, sprouted or multigrain toast

half avocado, two eggs, tomato and hot sauce

nut butter, banana, flax seeds, honey

avocado, lox, onion, capers

beans, salsa, cilantro, fried egg

hummus, tomato, balsamic

cucumber, edamame, sprouts, lemon

🍌 Oats

organic steel cut oats

blueberry almond overnight oats 

almond milk, nut butter, banana and cinnamon morning oats

mango and coconut oatmeal

🍳 Eggs

mini meg muffin frittatas 

omelet with veggies

scrambled with avocado 

hard boiled with hot sauce

egg or tofu scramble with veggies

egg, bean, salsa tostada

egg wrap with onions and avocado


greek yogurt

with berries, rolled oats, and seeds

Lunch 🍌🥗🥪🍏

I think salads are awesome for lunch because most times we are working and need energy to get through the rest of the day. if your job has you out and about, wraps and sandwiches are great on-the-go.

🥗 Salads

quinoa salad with chickpeas, spinach, and avocado

cobb salad with egg, tomato, avocado, and onion

greek pita salad with chicken, cucumber, tomato, onion

asian salmon salad with mandarins, celery, carrots and almonds 

strawberry salad with spinach and almonds

cucumber salad with tomatoes, vinegar and sesame seeds

🌯 Wraps

turkey wrap with lettuce, tomato, cucumber

shrimp avocado wrap with cabbage 

roasted red pepper hummus wrap with cucumber

chicken guacamole wrap with salsa and beans

🥪 Sandwhiches

breakfast sandwich with egg and avocado

whole grain pb&j

turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado

tuna sandwich with carrots, cabbage, and tomato

hawaii veggie burger with lettuce, tomato, onion

black bean burger with lettuce, tomato, onion

Dinner 🥦🥙🍲🍣🥟🥕

dinner always depends on how much I have eaten the rest of the day! plus, I try not to eat too close bedtime so sometimes late lunches can turn into early dinners with a night time snack.

veggie fajitas with bell peppers, onion, and garlic

salmon cilantro lime bowl with brown rice and asparagus

cauliflower rice with broccoli, carrots, and veggie dumplings

mushroom stuffed bell peppers

quinoa bowl with black beans, salsa, bell peppers and onion

chicken with roasted zucchini and squash

chicken quinoa zucchini enchiladas

shrimp zucchini noodles with lemon sauce

chicken quinoa enchiladas

quinoa bowl with roasted sweet potato and onion

lettuce cups with ground turkey and veggies

💗 I HOPE THESE IDEAS MAKE PLANNING A HEALTHY MEAL A BIT EASIER!! browse bbm and try some of our quick, healthy and on-the-go recipes.