Reasons for Bloating and How to Get Rid of It

Have you been battling bloat? Well, it's time to banish that bish.  ðŸ‘‹ðŸ¼

Everyone experiences bloat at one point or another. Some of us more than others, and some of us rarely at all. But the reality is, we all have it. 

There are a number of reasons why we experience bloating, so let's look through them and try to pin point the source.

First things first...

What is bloat?

Bloat is traditionally defined as:

'To make or become swollen with fluid or gas'

But I like to define it as:

'The most annoying puffy, swollen feeling that needs to GTFO 🙄 

Reasons for Bloat 

There are many reasons you could be experiencing bloat. 

Food Allergy or Intolerance 

- Sometimes swelling occurs because we are intolerant to the foods we are eating. Do yourself a favor, listen to your body, and tune into what it is saying. Once you do, you'll start to realize which foods upset your stomach and know to stay away from them in the future.

- If you are concerned about a food allergy or intolerance, see your doctor. Bloating can sometimes be a reaction to some serious stuff. In some cases, bloating is a serious side affect to conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Malabsorption Syndrome, Celiac Disease, etc.  Not trying to scare you, just as a precaution because some of these conditions are very common and can definitely be the reason for your extreme bloating. My advice is always invest in your health and learn more 👍🏼

- If your symptoms are not serious enough to see a doctor, there are food intolerance tests on the market that are less expensive. I am currently waiting back for my results for the Pinner Test. Once I get them I will make sure to write all about it and put a video up on YouTube outlining my experience.



- Hormones are tricky, especially for women. We go through different stages of our menstrual cycle, some of which we are more likely to bloat than others. Lots of times we start bloating simply because we are about to get our period, and this is TOTALLY NORMAL. PMS bloating symptoms affect up to 85% of women. WOWZA!!

- Hormonal fluctuations happen naturally but if you are experiencing extreme bloating it could be due to hormonal imbalances. Hormone imbalances occur from an imbalanced lifestyle or excess toxins in the body. Hormone balance is a result to the foods we eat and can be maintained through a healthy diet. Again, the best way to find out if this is the reason for your bloat is to visit your doctor.

Change in diet or overeating 

- Bloating can be a reaction to change in diet.  Are you eating any new foods you wouldn't normally eat? Or maybe you're trying out a new diet and have stopped eating something you would normally have? 

- Overeating can also cause a number of abdominal problems and discomforts, so it's good to keep in mind smaller portions will help ease bloating pain from overeating. This can also cross back over to the intolerance and allergy topic. Always be cautious when introducing new foods to your body in large quantities, your body just might not want what you've decided to give it.


- Stress sucks because it can literally cause everything. There is not much more to say here other than anything that is stress related really just sucks. When it comes to stress, get back to basics and focus on a positive self-care routine.

⭐️ It might be difficult to pin point the culprit of your bloating, but the more information you can gather will help you get an idea as to what triggers your symptoms.

Tips for getting rid of Bloat

Slow Down When You Eat

- Lots of times we inhale our food so quickly we gulp up a lot of air with it. Take your time to chew your food because the digestion process starts at your tongue, and sometimes even before. Plus, the slower you eat the more satisfied you will feel by the end of the meal.

Add More Probiotics into your Diet

- Probiotics can help limit gas production in your intestines and balance bacterias in your gut. Gut health is extremely important and always good something to be mindful of.

Make sure you are getting the right amount of fiber 

- Most people are not getting enough fiber in their diet. Slowly increase your fiber intake because it can also be the cause of bloating. SO, the trick is getting just the right amount.👌🏼


- This on is a no-brainer but always important to mention. Add lemon to your water for extra detox benefits.

- Also, try not to drink out of straws or guzzle down carbonated drinks. 

Avoid Bloat Causing Foods✖️

- Carbonated drinks

- Beans

- Sweetened or salted snacks

- Conventional dairy products with artificial sweeteners

- Refined grains

Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and brussel sprouts)

- Chewing gum

- Onions

- Apples

Eat Foods that Fight Bloat ✔️

- Bananas

- Cucumber

- Papaya 

- Probiotics 

- Fennel Seeds

- Ginger

- Green Tea

- Lemon Water

Consider a Digestive Enzyme Supplement 

-  Digestive enzymes help break down indigestible carbohydrates (fiber being on of them). There are a wide variety of them available on Amazon but for suggestions on which kind, again, I would consult your doctor. 

⭐️ I hope this information gives you some insight into what causes bloating and how to combat it safely. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone when it comes to bloating. It actually would not be normal if you didn't experience bloating at all!

👉🏼 Let me know your experiences with bloating in the comments below, and if there are any other solutions I may not have mentioned here.