International Yoga Day + Master Class with Alo Yoga

"Studio-to-street: taking the consciousness from practice on the mat and putting it into practice in life." - Alo Yoga

Master Class

June 6, 2017

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from the event coordinator and community manager at Alo Yoga, who by the way, is an absolute goddess! In the email was this attachment...

As a dedicated yogini for the past six years, you can probably imagine how excited I was to receive this message. It is not everyday you have the opportunity to come together with people that share the same passion as you. Now, thats not to say the people in my everyday classes are not passionate about yoga. It is just when you get a bunch of yoga leaders together it brings some really magical energy and fun.

Andrew Sealy lead a beautiful class that included: live music, new mats that are completely toxin-free, and a crescent moon pose that included overhead snapping. Fun huh?

The thing that is unique about this class is that it is free of any routine. Everyone moves fluidly to their our vibe and there is no method that HAS to be followed. There is instruction, but you are free to move however you feel. Everything is go with the flow... literally!!

Afterwards, there was mingling, acro yoga and beautiful eats from Nourish and Renew.  Watching different acro poses really inspired me to go outside of my yoga comfort zone. It made me realize how structured I have been in my hot yoga classes, practicing the same flows for the past six years. Then it came to me... this could be the reason I have not been able to grow into more intense level of yoga ( i.e. headstands ).

Of course I bought some things while I was there... I love Alo because their clothes are some of the only kind that fit me. Their leggings and sleeves are actually long!! & sosooo comfy & cute! 

I also learned a few things about the company that proved how unique their brand really is. 

- Alo stands for: Air, Land, & Ocean

- In efforts to try to reduce waste they only have one trashcan for their whole headquarters.

- Their mission is to bring yoga to the world and goes far beyond just selling beautiful clothing. Yoga is a lifestyle and they want to share it with everyone... just like I do!

Here are some pics:

International Yoga Day

June 21, 2017

Easily one of the best days of the year, summer solstice ! & what better way to spend it then with Alo! I was so excited to come together again with all the amazing people I had met at the master class. They decorated their already gorgeous studio beautifully and had probably twice as many people as before. 

This class went beyond just yoga teachers. There were influential people from all walks of life that were brought together to celebrate yoga, the summer solstice, and of course, international yoga day. 

This class was led by Tom Morley and included: a DJ, random dance party mid class, and partner massages to spread gratitude to one another. 

There again was mingling, acro yoga, and beautiful food from Nourish and Renew. The only difference was, that there was rosé and kombucha beer as well. Oh! & a fun photo booth. 

But the best part was....


Here are some pics:

After my first time visiting Alo, I knew that they were not an ordinary sportswear brand. But it wasn't until my second visit that I really understood they're a yoga family. 

Alo truly reminded me that my passion for yoga goes far beyond the practice. The yogic lifestyle is about being healthy in everything you do, from fitness and food to relationships and mindfulness. There is so much to benefit from and there is no team out there more inspirational than Alo. 

If you are reading this and happen to be apart of the Alo team, thank you! It has truly been so much fun.

xx Meg