Foods & Workout Circuits For Your Core

It is no secret that abs are made in the kitchen. But what if there were multiple things you could do to trim your waistline? Well… luckily there is! Yes, adjusting your diet is most important, but it is also good to have a well-planned workout routine. Below I have mapped out the best foods for the tummy based off of my nutrition text books, and exercises that work well with the change in diet.


Here are some foods you might want to incorporate into your diet. Note: everyone has different goals. Some people are looking to add more macros, while others are trying to eat more veggies. This is a general overview of foods that are good to help shrink your stomach. Remember, everything in moderation. More tips at the bottom of this section!

Green tea

-       Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients (without the mid-day crash of coffee)

-       Ways to incorporate: Can be served hot or cold(:


-       Good source of protein, fiber and healthy fats that help aide in weight loss

-       Ways to incorporate: As a snack, in salads, even on top of proteins like chicken and red meats

Whole grains

-       Whole grains are packed with nutrients including protein, fiber, B vitamins, antioxidants, and trace minerals

-       Ways to incorporate: Almost every bread has a whole grain option so making this switch is not too hard

Greek yogurt

-       Probiotic which helps aide digestion and has twice as much protein as regular yogurt

-       Ways to incorporate: For breakfast, as a snack, in smoothies, or as a garnish on top of dishes like quinoa or salmon


-       They have it all! Great source of fiber, protein, amino acids, and carbohydrates

-       Ways to incorporate: These make a great snack... also good in salads or veggie melodies


-       Incredibly nutritious and could be considered the perfect protein

-       Ways to incorporate: I have been putting egg whites in my smoothies, they are good by themselves or on top of toast and salads


-       Apples are mostly water and have lots of fiber (just watch out for the sugar content)

-       Ways to incorporate: As a snack, in salads, or as a garnish on top of different dishes.


-       Great source of fiber and antioxidants

-       Ways to incorporate: As a snack, by itself, in oatmeal, cereals, smoothies and yogurt


-       Loaded with omega-3’s to help fat burning

-       Ways to incorporate: As the main course or on top of a salad


-       Contains ALL of the nine amino acids essential for human health

-       Ways to incorporate: As an salad, in a appetizer, or as your main dish loaded with veggies and protein


-       Their makeup is mostly water and fiber so they help with digestion and contain a ton of B vitamins

-       Ways to incorporate: As a snack to munch on, infused water, smoothies, in you pico de gallo,


-       A superfood rich in protein, fiber and iron

-       Ways to incorporate: In soups, appetizers, or as a garnish


-       Detoxifying and helps with nausea

-       Ways to incorporate: In tea, graded on top of dishes

Leafy greens

-       Low in fat and calories, high in fiber

-       Ways to incorporate: As a veggie side, as lettuce in your salad, in smoothies

Food Tips

-       Don’t forget portion size is important. Just because you are now eating healthy foods does not mean you should binge and eat a ton of them.

-       Also, personally I have noticed it helps to not eat after a certain time at night. I do 8pm, but everyones schedule is different, so find what works best for you.

-       Lastly, studies have shown that it does not matter how many meals you eat in a day, as long as you eat the right amount of food for your RDA. I suggest eating three reasonably sized meals and packing snacks just so you feel like you are satisfied eating throughout the day. But.. also...only eat when you’re hungry. Don’t force yourself to eat just to hit those meal marks. (Unless of course your goal is a caloric surplus) 

Core Workout Circuits

Typical crunches and sit ups just aren’t going to do it if you are trying to lose weight in your mid-section. My advice is incorporate total body exercises into your workout because there are so many versatile ways to work the core that you wouldn’t realize. A common misperception is that all core exercises are either on your back, or on your forearms. This simply isn’t true. Your core is everything from head to toe so it is important to strengthen it all. Scroll down for a variety of set options to work the stomach.

((side note: I hope to one day be able to do all of this for you guys via video. But for now, while I am spread a little too thin with work, school, and internships, this is the best I can do. So stick around and one day this will all be a little clearer for y’all with video explanations))

Option 1

-       Commandos

-       Hip dips

-       Plank Jacks

Option 2

-       Legs raises

-       Reverse crunch

-       Windshield wipers

Option 3

-       Mountain Climbers

-       Opposite Knee, Opposite Elbow

-       Dead Bugs

Option 4

-       High knees

-       Burpees

-       Skiiers

Option 5

-       Plank

-       Side plank (L,R) (+ pulse)

-       Plank w/ leg lifts

Option 6

-       V ups

-       Single Leg V Ups (L,R)

-       Toe touches

Option 7

-       Scissor Kicks

-       Tucks

-       Swimmers

Option 8

-       Sit ups

-       Russian Twist

-       Bicycles