It’s no secret eating healthy isn’t easy and I mean how could it be? These days we are so vulnerable to bad foods because there’s so much available to us all the time. The worst part is most times we don't even realize that the foods we are eating are bad for us.

First things first…

Get all those processed junk and sugary foods out of your kitchen right now and promise yourself you are not going to spend your hard earned money on that shit.


Read these tips on eating healthy and how to stick with it:


Eating Healthy

Do not be fooled by nutrition misconceptions

We are all susceptible to getting punk’d by common nutrition myths. For example, society has this idea that carbs are bad for you. Truth is, carbohydrates are a vital aspect to every healthy diet. Educate yourself on what foods are good to eat and which to stay away from.

Eat when you’re hungry

Have you ever eaten so much that you just don’t want to do anything? Smaller portions, more frequently throughout the day will help you feel satisfied and stay energized without that feeling of being unmotivated. You can boost your metabolism by listening to your body so make sure to only eat when you’re hungry.


Don’t worry about counting calories, that’s all just noise. Look at food as fuel that you need in order to get through the day - too much of which will slow you down. You can't put a number on healthy eating so simply being aware and listening to what your body needs is more effective than taking the time to count calories.

Know what foods compliment your workout

Fuel your fitness. You will be more successful in your workout if you eat the right foods before and after. Carbohydrates are your body's first choice when converting food to energy, so I suggest incorporating carbs into your pre-workout meal or not eating at all for fasted exercise. Post-workout meals should include a good portion of protein to help your muscles get all the benefits out of your workout.

Sticking with it 

Don’t feed into temptation

When grocery shopping, limit yourself to only one of your favorite ‘cheat’ foods for special occasions. This way, you won’t be tempted to eat them all the time if they’re not in your pantry in the first place. Instead, slim up your snacks by trying healthier alternatives such as carrots and hummus or a banana with peanut butter. Plan ahead to avoid temptation!

Nothing is “off-limits”

Naturally we want foods more if we think we cannot have them. Save yourself the defeat that comes with giving into bad foods by not labeling them "off limits" in the first place. Once you start to eat healthier, you will lose the craving for unhealthy foods altogether.

Make food fun

Look at food as an opportunity to get creative and try new things. Getting together with friends or family to cook a meal can give you new ideas on how to implement healthy habits into your life and keep you wanting to work at it. Plus, eating together is more fun than eating alone.

Don’t give in to peer pressure

This for course is easier said than done. There are always going to be people who try to talk you out of your commitment to eating healthy. This is easily the hardest part of eating healthy. Stand up for yourself and stick to what you are doing because, in the end, the benefits and the way you will feel will all be worth it.

Do you have a hard time eating healthy and sticking with it? Comment below and let me know if you try any of these tips!