The best way to predict the future, is to create it.

The truth about pursuing a fitness journey is that it’s completely selfish. The best part is that you get to put time aside every day to cater entirely to yourself. Leading a healthy lifestyle creates a strong mind and body that benefits your entire life. People have many different reasons for wanting to follow a wellness plan, the hardest part? Starting.

Starting a fitness journey is exciting until you feel more frustrated than satisfied. It is important to know that simply taking the initiative to change your life is an accomplishment. If you’re having a hard time getting motivated, do not let excuses distract you from your goals. There is no better time than now to start doing good for yourself.

Note to remember: All good things in life take time.



1. Commit to yourself

Developing the right mindset is most important. Commit to yourself and have healthy intentions. This way you are creating a positive environment that will help motivate you. Your journey is all about you, so take advantage of life and let this promise to yourself fuel your ambition for success.

2. Make a plan

When looking at a wellness plan, think food and fitness. Develop a regimen and make sure the terms & conditions are customized to your needs. Once you know what you are doing, stick to your plan and you will see results. By being mindful of your decisions you will begin to enjoy having control over your life.


Take it one day at a time

Switch it up to keep your interest

If needed, console in a dietician or personal trainer for support

3. Set realistic goals

Setting numerous goals along your journey will enable you to appreciate your progress. Start with daily goals, things that you want to do for yourself before your head hits the pillow. Then move into less frequent goals, within your fitness and wellness plan, that you know you will be able to achieve. This is your fitness journey so there should be no other competition.


Get active four times a week

Cook at home more than you go out

Run a little farther than yesterday

4. Use the time you have

Your fitness plan should fit into your daily schedule and not take away from responsibilities. Make sure you aren’t sacrificing important parts of your life to get in shape. Your fitness plan should be a part of your life, just not all of it. Yes, your health is important and requires attention but do not become a slave to the scale.

5. Get active

Get active each and every day. Have a sense of repetition in your fitness journey if you want to see results. Whether it is in small or large efforts, doing something is better than doing nothing. 


Track your progress

Switch it up

Be consistent

6. Make time to give your body the food that it needs

Fitness enthusiasts believe that a healthy body is made in the kitchen. If you are planning to put in the effort to get active, then do yourself a favor and reward your body with nutrient dense foods. With an increase in activity, it is extremely important for your body to get a well-rounded diet.


Drink as much water as possible

Look for new and interesting meal ideas

Limit junk foods and alcohol while still being realistic

7. Reward yourself

This is the best part. Remember those goals you made when you were starting your journey? Well, make sure to reward yourself once you have reached them. If you have had setbacks, let that be your motivation. Pursuing a fitness journey is not easy, so reward yourself in order to stay sane.


Buy yourself something new

Binge watch Netflix and stay in bed

Plan a night out

Comment below if these tips helped you! Would love to hear how you all are doing!

xx Meg