You know what??

The key to success in fitness is turning it into a lifestyle... if you didn't already know! An active lifestyle is not only important for physical fitness, but for overall health. Lets look at ways to incorporate activity throughout your day to create an overall active lifestyle.

Active vs Sedentary

Living an active lifestyle does not only mean to be physically active. It also acknowledges your mental and social health as well. An active lifestyle is living in motion while a sedentary lifestyle is staying in one place.

My Top Tips For Being Active 

Live every day with purpose

Wake up and make a plan for the day. I like to call it being the CEO of your life. Plan out every hour and have things to get done. This is your daily purpose and it is most definitely active.


Pay attention to your posture throughout the day. I want you to hear me in your head telling you to stand or sit up straight! Plus good posture is attractive and exudes confidence so rock that girl.

Bonus Tip* squeeze your booty when you walk to help activate those deep gluteal muscles and stand up even taller.

Walk everywhere

Speaking of walking, the best thing you can do for your body is to get moving.

“Your Body Wants To Move… SO Move Your Body”

It doesn’t have to be just walking too… ride your bike, grab some rollerblades and do the damn thing. If you can't find time, make time.

Stand when you can

We have so many opportunities to stand throughout the day. Try to notice them like. For example, when you're waiting for the bus, or at a doctors appointment, give your seat up to someone else. 

Choose to stand...your body wants to be in its anatomical position (aka standing up) so give your body what it wants!

Cook at home

Not only is it healthier to cook for yourself, but you are also getting more active when you do it. I don't know about you, but when I cook, I go ham in the kitchen. Chopping, stirring, whippin and flippin, I am all over the place when it comes to food and I am getting active at the same time.

Stretch while you Netflix

This one is my all time favorite!!! I will play my favorite show, or turn on a podcast and just stretch. Side story: I was in an uber earlier today and he was telling me how tight he is.. idk just things I talk about with my uber lol… and I told him this, “each night at least do a forward fold, let your arms hang or hold on to each elbow and feel the space creation in your lower back. That’s all it takes." Its simple and part of my everyday routine.


Instead of going out with your friends just for drinks, go out dancing! The best part of dancing is that most times you do not even realize you are burning calories beause it is just so much fun.

HECK! DANCE WHEN YOU COOK!! It is all about having a good time! 


( cleaning, gardening, yardwork, laundry )

Doing housework is draining for a reason. We exert more energy than we realize when we do chores since they tend to require: walking up stairs, folding, dusting, carrying things, ect. But one of the great things about housework, is although it is physically tiring, mentally you don’t have to do much work.

Track your steps

10,000 a day is the universal goal! I use my apple watch to track my steps but the Iphone does it for you as well. This is a really good way to see your activity level throughout the day and hold yourself accountable for being active.

Here is a YouTube video where I break down all these tips into a little more detail. Plus, there are some extra ones in there that are helpful too!!